Weedist Destinations: 3rd Annual Dope Cup Seattle – Flowers

Legal weed had its way in Seattle this 4/20. The pinnacle of my smokey weekend was definitely the 3rd annual Dope Cup. Held in Seattle’s SoDo district, it was the place for #seattlestoners to be on 4/20 eve this year. A THC fueled evening out with some of the cannabis industry’s brightest local stars. I had such a great time I decided to cover it from both the flower and oil perspective.

EVERYBODY had Dank on Deck

Let me start by giving tremendous props to whoever over at Dope Magazine cooked up the “everyone is a judge” idea. Arming every patron that walked in with 5 grams of Seattle’s finest was shear genius! No cannabis was allowed to be sold at the event, however the organizers came up with a great solution. They convinced the competing farmers to donate a sample of each entry to every registered judge, which was everyone. Take a look at the menu above — awesome sauce is what I believe the kids say. I picked up my 10 samples and went to work.

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